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Wood Pellets

Biodela - Your Trusted Source for Biofuels and Animal Bedding Solutions since 2007

Premium Quality Wood Pellets


Quality: DIN Plus (7A186) certified
Diameter: Ø 6 mm
Package: 15 kg bags, or 1 000 kg BB
Color: yellow to brown

Made mostly of coniferous trees sawdust
Biodela™ branded or Blank (no name) bags

Our wood pellets are made from locally harvested timber, sourced from Lithuanian local forestry administrations. These forestry administrations operate under the FSC® certification program, as mandated by law, ensuring sustainable forestry practices are upheld.

You can read more about the Forest Stewardship Council® certification here:

Biodela primarily sources timber from a select list of forest districts

Production Process

The first stage of pellet production is debarking of the logs.

Biodela Eco-Friendly Production

The remaining bark cannot be effectively burned in the drying drum heater due to the potential for smoke containing ash, which can impact the quality of the wood pellets. To ensure optimal quality, the logs are locally processed into sawdust using on-site machinery. This method guarantees the purity and quality of the sawdust, free from any debris or sand residues. The main timber species used include spruce, fir, and aspen.

After being dried in the drying drum, the sawdust is transported to the pellet granulation unit. During the drying process, various temperatures are maintained, directly impacting the color of the wood pellets. In the summer season, when less heat is required for drying, the sawdust tends to have a lighter color after being dried. Conversely, in the winter, the opposite is true. However, it's important to note that the color of the sawdust has no impact on the quality of the pellets.


Our wood pellets are made solely from pure sawdust and contain no additives whatsoever. You can confirm this by experiencing the clean and pure scent of the pellets, which emit a pleasant, refreshing wood odor. The presence of other smells would indicate potential additives in the pellets. It's not uncommon for some producers to add other materials to achieve a whiter color in the pellets, but we prioritize purity and quality in our production process.

The wood pellets are manufactured with a diameter of 6mm. Other physical and quality features are constituted by the

DIN Plus standard and Certification program


The image showcases samples taken throughout the year, from mid-summer to mid-winter, illustrating the corresponding shift in color tone.


Packaging of wood pellets

Wood pellets are packed into small 15 kg bags using an automatic packaging line. A specialized robot ensures precise stacking of the bags, which are then wrapped with stretch film.

The calibration of the system allows for palettes of any size, ranging from 960 kg up to 1200 kg.


The 960 kg (64 bags) palettes are the most popular, as they adhere to the official truck weight limit of 24 tons (25 palettes x 960 kg). Additionally, the 1050 kg (70 bags) palettes are favored by customers looking to conserve warehouse floor space.


For island-located clients, 40’ sea containers are loaded with 22 palettes weighing 1200 kg each, totaling 26.4 tons.


The dimensions of each palette are 1000 mm x 1160 mm x 1500 mm.

Wood Pellets in 15kg bags - Transportation

The 15 kg bags can be Biodela™ branded or no name (neutral). The neutral bag is either transparent or white color Polyethilene bag.


Biodela™ branded bags feature the DIN Plus logo alongside a certificate number, an EAN barcode for supermarket scanning, and a description of wood pellet origin in eight languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, and Lithuanian. Additionally, the bags include a technical values table.


It's important to note that the DIN Plus logo can only be used in conjunction with our registration number (7A186) and the producer's contact information. Any bags displaying the DIN Plus stamp without a registration number are in violation of trademark law and should be reported to CERTCO in Germany.

Biodela™ is a registered and protected name throughout the European Union. Any unauthorized use of our graphics, schematics, or name without written permission is strictly prohibited.


15kg bag dimensions are 470 mm x 695 mm (width x height), as depicted in the drawing. These bags are made of white-colored 85 µm polyethylene material. Special holes are punctured to remove excess air during stacking onto pallets, ensuring a tight position. Therefore, it is always recommended to store the bags under cover to protect them from any source of moisture.

Wood Pellets in 1000kg BigBags

The wood pellets are packed into BigBags directly from the cooling unit. Each bag is filled to weigh 1000 kg. These big bags feature two holes: one on top for filling and one on the bottom for emptying. Additionally, the big bags are equipped with handles for easy attachment to the forks of a regular lifter or Manitou lifter.

Technical Specification for wood pellets Quality: DIN Plus

Wood pellets Quality Maintenance

Biodela Eco-Friendly Production

DIN PLUS Standard requirements for the wood pellets


The DIN Plus certificate confirms that our processes adhere to the requirements set by the certification agency DIN CERTCO GmbH, with continuous monitoring of pellet quality. During each production session, which occurs every 24 hours, samples are taken from the production line and examined at an in-plant laboratory. These samples are archived for approximately 360 days, allowing for 100% quality control and production traceability even after distribution.

Another widely recognized standard in the industry is the EN Plus certification.

Technical specification

Length: 1% of all pellets can be longer than 40mm, but max 45mm

Feinpartikel: particles < 3.15mm, fines at the final point of delivery

Ash content at 550°C

Ash for determining the melting temperature is created at 815°C

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