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RUF Briquettes

Biodela - Your Trusted Source for Biofuels and Animal Bedding Solutions since 2007


Quality: conformity to DIN 51731
RUF type
Size: 15x9x6 cm
Package: 10 kg bags

Made from leafy hardwood trees
Client’s Inlays/ Etiquettes available

RUF Briquettes Production Process

Biodela‘s sawdust briquettes are crafted from the remnants found in sawmills. This sawdust is a blend of various timber types including ash, fir, oak, spruce, aspen, birch, and others sourced from forests across Lithuania, all of which are FSC® certified for sustainable forestry practices. Utilizing sawdust from well-maintained sources ensures the quality and eco-friendliness of the briquettes.

Manufacturing takes place in proximity to sawmilling facilities to minimize transportation costs, as the low weight-to-volume ratio of sawdust makes long-distance transport economically impractical.


The sawdust undergoes initial processing in a drying drum, powered by larger fractions of sawmill waste, until it reaches the optimal dryness level of approximately 5%. Following this, the sawdust is fed into a press, utilizing RUF press models, to produce briquettes of uniform rectangular shape measuring 15x9x6 cm. The production capacity stands at 12,000 tons annually.


Convenient 10kg Bags: Perfect Packaging for Briquettes

After pressing, the briquettes are hand-packed into bags, sealed, and stacked onto the palette.


The briquettes are packed into the most popular packaging – 10 kg bags, each containing 12 pieces of briquettes. A full pallet comprises 96 bags and weighs 960 kg.


The bags are transparent and made from durable polypropylene, with thorough heat-welding. Each bag is constructed from durable materials to withstand transportation and handling, while also being designed for easy storage and use.


The pallet for the briquettes is EUR-pallet: 1200 mm x 800 mm x 1300 mm.

Client’s Label
(leaflet / sticker / insert)

Standard A5 paper size, multicolored, suitable for insertion into bags. Minimum order quantity is one truckload, which includes 2400 Labels.

The labels can be printed locally at printing facilities that handle large volumes of labels for multiple clients, resulting in lower prices and faster service. Approximate prices for briquette labels with your design (flyer/label/inlay) on A5 paper size, full-color printing, and 80gsm paper are as follows:

RUF Briquettes with Client’s Logo price

For alternative labeling options such as different paper sizes or stickers, we can provide individual pricing upon request.


One full truckload of briquettes consists of 25 pallets, totaling 24 tons. Each pallet is securely side-strapped to enhance transportation security and comes with a cover to shield against excessive rain.

Biodela Eco-Friendly Production

RUF Briquettes Quality management

Biodela‘s sawdust briquettes are manufactured to comply with DIN51731 standards. Our presses are consistently upgraded to ensure the correct RUF shape and appropriate density.

Biodela Eco-Friendly Production

The humidity of sawdust significantly affects the solidity of the briquette. If the sawdust is too dry, the briquette may lose its shape and produce more dust over time, although its burning value remains unchanged. Conversely, excessive moisture can also cause the briquette to lose its form.


The color of the briquette is directly linked to the type of sawdust used. Typically, briquettes made from hardwood sawdust (such as oak, ash, or birch) tend to be darker, while those from coniferous tree sawdust are lighter in color. However, the color variation does not indicate any significant difference in quality, as all our briquettes adhere to the DIN 51731 standard.

Technical specifications for RUF Briquettes

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