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Please reach out to us at to receive a quote for our products and discuss payment terms.

Goods can be sold under Ex Works, Carriage and Freight (CFR), or Delivered at Place (DAP) delivery terms.


Combined products order

If you don't need a full truckload of a specific product, you have the option to combine partial loads of multiple products to fill a 24-ton truck.  For more information please contact us at

Delivery to few addresses

If you need deliveries to multiple addresses within roughly a 50 km range between each stop, we can accommodate that as well, up to a maximum of 3 unloading locations. An extra charge will apply for this service. For more information or to arrange a multi-address delivery, please contact us at

Payment terms

New clients are required to pay for goods in advance.

The first order serves as a test and allows for mutual evaluation of potential future collaboration. After the initial delivery, payment terms can be renegotiated based on individual circumstances.

For clients purchasing 10 or more trucks within a three-month period, payment terms can be negotiated to allow for payment within 1 to 15 days after delivery.

The credit limit, which represents the volume of goods sold on credit, typically starts at 1 truck but can be extended to 5 trucks.


Biodela is located in Lithuania, a member state of the European Union. As part of the Internal Market, there are no additional customs or duties.

Goods are sold with a 0% VAT (value-added tax) if the buyer is a registered VAT-paying company. For non-VAT-registered private individuals, Lithuanian sales VAT is added to the price.

Private Buyers

The reduced VAT rate of 9% applies to firewood and wood pellets intended for heating purposes, supplied to household consumers as defined in the Republic of Lithuania Law on Energy. In this case, the VAT is already paid in an EU member state, and there is no obligation remaining to pay it in the buyer's country. For more information please contact us at

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