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An important factor in the forest economy is the actual composition of the forest and the types of timber species present. Generally, all species are suitable for sawdust used in wood briquette production. Sawdust is typically derived from timber production remnants, resulting in a mixed species composition based on availability at any given time.


For firewood production, coniferous trees such as Pine or Fir are not preferred due to their low density and heat value. However, for wood pellet production, Pine or Fir are commonly used due to their widespread availability and varied color range.


Lithuania boasts a rich diversity of both leafy hardwood (40%) and coniferous tree (60%) species. Recent data on Lithuania's forest composition indicates that one third of the forest consists of Pines, one fifth consists of Fir, another one fifth consists of Birch, 7% comprises dark Alder, and 4% are highly valued leafy hardwoods such as Oak and Ash trees.


Europe is a continent characterized by diverse climates and natural flora zones, ranging from the mild, warm Mediterranean basin to the polar circle. The distribution of natural vegetation, particularly forests, is not uniform across the continent. Sweden and Finland boast the highest forest area relative to their total land area, while islands like Malta, the United Kingdom, and coastal regions like the Netherlands have the least forest coverage.


In terms of forest economy, the Baltic States play a significant role. Despite Sweden and Finland having double the forest area, these developed economies primarily focus on paper, construction timber, and furniture production. Meanwhile, the Baltic States—Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania—are increasingly exporting biofuel products, including wood pellets, firewood, and sawdust briquettes. The main export destinations for these products are Denmark, Germany, the Benelux countries, and the British Isles.

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