Biodela - eco-friendly production. Pellets, briquettes, firewood.

Wood pellets, RUF briquettes, firewood, Straw pellets, Granulate

Biodela Wood pellets Wood pellets LT

Quality: DIN Plus (7A186) and FSC® (C117021) certified
Diameter: Ø 6 mm
Package: 15 kg bags, or 1 000 kg BB
Color: yellow to brown
Made mostly of coniferous trees sawdust
Biodela™ branded or Blank (no name) bags

Biodela RUF Briquettes RUF briquettes LT
Quality: conformity to DIN 51731
RUF type
Size: 15x9x6 cm
Package: 10 kg bags
Made from leafy hardwood trees
Client’s Inlays/ Etiquettes available

Biodela Firewood Firewood LT
Timber: Ash (Fraxinus), Oak (Quercus), Birch (Betula),
Alder (Alnus), Mixed
Log length: 25, 28, 30, 33, 45 cm
Log diameter: Ø 8 – 15 cm
Package in boxes: 1m³, 1,8m³, 2m³
Package in bags: 22, 30, 40 liter
Fire starters available: bags 9,5 or 30 Liter
Humidity: fresh-cut (natural), Air-dried (seasoned),
Kiln-dried (under 25% or less)

Biodela Straw pellets Straw pellets LT
Quality: 100% straw
Diameter: Ø 8 mm
Package: 20 kg bags or 1000/1100 kg big bags
Humidity: 11-13 %
Color: green to brown
Type of crop: wheat, rape
Purpose of usage: Animal bedding

Biodela Granulate Straw Granulate LT
Quality: made from smashed straw pellets
Packing: 14 kg bags or 910 kg big bags
Purpose: bedding for rabbits, hamsters, chicken and other small animals

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