Biodela - eco-friendly production. Pellets, briquettes, firewood.

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Payment terms for products
According to the Biodela™ policy, the new Clients have to pay for the goods in advance. The first order is considered to be the Test and it is subject to mutual evaluation of potential co-work in the future. After first delivery is completed, the payment terms can be re-negotiated, considering individual situation.

Big Clients (who buy 10 or more trucks in a course of 3 months) can negotiate the payment term delay from 1 to 15 days after delivery.

Credit limit (volume of goods, sold in debt) typically is 1 truck with possibility for big Clients to extend to 5 trucks.

Final price: Biodela™ is located in Lithuania, which is member state of European Union. As part of Internal Market, this means there are no additional customs or other duties to pay for imported goods.

The goods are sold at the 0% VAT (value added tax), if the buyer is registered VAT-paying Company. If the buyer is a private person (non VAT-registered), the Lithuanian sale’s VAT is added to the price.

The goods can be sold either on Ex Works, Carriage and Freight (CFR) or delivered at the point (DAP) delivery terms.

Combined products order
If you do not require a full truckload of certain product, it is optional to load part load of few products. The combination should combine a total of a 24 tons truckload. For this service, small extra charge is applied.

Delivery to few addresses
In case you require a cargo to be unloaded at multiple stops, it is possible in the range of roughly 50 km between addresses. The number of unloading places should not be more than 3. Extra charge for this service is applied.

For private buyers
For Clients, who are not currently VAT-registered, it is highly recommended to find a VAT-registered company and buy On Their Account. It is also possible for a Buyer to combine a group of people (i.e. neighbours, relatives) to make a full truckload purchase at wholesale price and save money.