Biodela - eco-friendly production. Pellets, briquettes, firewood.
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UAB Biodela™
Pakalnės g 3,
LT-01112, Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel: +370 63300014
Registration Nr: 300906048
VAT code: LT100003301915

About us

Biodela™ is a private enterprise, 100% Lithuanian limited liability Company, established in 2007. More than ten years on the market has led the company to a reputable position. In 2012 the company was nominated among Top 500 fast-growing companies in Lithuania.

Up to date, more than 5000 trailers of wood pellets, briquettes, firewood and straw pellets were exported to the markets of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, The Netherlands, and The United Kingdom.

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Biodela™ is among the best (3% of total companies in Lithuania) credit management companies in Lithuania:

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Biodela™ is among the fast-growing (458 companies in 2012) companies, decorated as the „Gazelė“. The Gazele is a nomination to the companies, which have the most profit and turnover growth for last 3 years in a row. Second very important condition is to agree, that the financial information of Company will be shared publicly.

The End-consumer protection policy for the Client (Confidentiality)

Many clients consider supplying their customers directly, but are not sure about the confidentiality. Hereby Biodela™ declares, that we always inform our main Client in case we are contacted by the end-consumer directly. Therefore, many of our big Clients can be guaranteed, that their customers will have safe and confidential supply of goods.